Sole Gallery & Reebok have put together an eye-opening collaboration that will for sure be a very sought after release. This collab features pink and camo nubuck throughout the upper part of the shoe, finished off with a classic gum sole. These shoes have surfaced internet as of late, and were seen on @DJClarkKent & @Stickie213's Instagram's. These are slated to release in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to Sole-Vibes.com 

9/4/2020 09:50:19 pm

This is a good pair of shoes and collectors would be on the look out for this. I believe that this has a large market, and I would love to get my hands on a couple of these. I specialize in the sale of shoes, and if you allow me to help you, we can make a lot of money. I will easily market this product out in the open, it might take a while, but it will be something. So what do you say?


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